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A comfort is the most Important and best part of the Human Nature, with the more developed things like Modular Kitchen in Market, the new technique of pullout shelves has also taken a major role in supporting a women in her Kitchen , no more bending down to knees and searching for your favorite pan . One slide can make your life easy and saves time. The comfort level and especially on the occasions when you need the most of your things already, the smile and god work confidence can only work together when you don't have to search for your particulars .

This Technique has been specially designed keeping in mind, that Kitchen is now growing with its Multi Product and thinking of all the simple drawer makes us low as "all in one" idea has moved out, so all these Pickles, Masalas, wheat, and majorly utensils etc.., are kept at one place seems to be a little messy, to give a new look to your Kitchen here is the, Pullout  shelves which gives you opportunity with the touch and make you feel special for your Kitchen .


Slideout drawers used for storage and/or as a work surface. Slideout drawers can be sized to support specific weight loads.

Hinged lid for document storage
Work surface for laptop computers
Stand alone or attached to underside of shelf
Rack mount available

The Slideout Drawers are not new in the Market and they have been continued for a long time now, A comfortable, durable and guaranteed product  and still with everything these slide drawers are available to keep any stuff and give a proper maintenance to your Kitchen, Bathroom, Rooms etc... these Slideout can be used any where in the House  .

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